Hi, I have just been asked to cater a week for potential clients St. Maarten. It’s a lovely Island, two thirds Dutch and one third French. Although most of the Dutch side owe more of their demeanor and accent to the States than to Holland. I have catered a wedding there and numerous holidays. I have written about St. Maarten in a previous logs so I wont this time.

We have had two of Diane’s sisters staying with us. They came out for our youngest granddaughters 1st birthday. I have to tell you Shula, our daughter, prepared a very beautiful and tasty spread. Shula used to help me with the catering until she got her B.A.

She now works for Johnson & Johnson on their medical side. I keep trying to persuade her to come back into catering. Alas to no avail.

I am really pleased to say that for those of you who want a wonderful glatt kosher bespoke wedding in the Caribbean we can now offer the beautiful Hilton in Bridgetown Barbados. We have already worked with the hotel and apart from our delicious food, the hotel will provide their special brand of hospitality and service.

The Caribbean seems to be the most popular spot for destination weddings. We also offer St. Maarten, the Bahamas and Jamaica plus most of the other Islands.

Also we are planning a Jewish Heritage tour in China for 2013.

Plus some great glatt kosher super luxury cruises for the end of the 2012 and the beginning of 2013. I hope we will be able to tempt you with one of the above.



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