New Year Greetings

Hi, well what a busy few weeks I have had. Apart from catering here in Israel I have been to the U.K. where I catered a silver wedding for a lovely couple for whom I also catered their actual wedding party. Makes me feel old! It was a lovely function in a newly completed pavilion at the Sussex County cricket ground in Hove. Now we have passed the festival of Hanukah here in Israel and the festival of Xmas, so seasons greetings and a happy New Year to all. This time of year reminds me of the old joke about the El Al pilot. The El Al plane has arrived near the end of December in Israel. It is taxiing to it’s stand. The pilot comes on the intercom and says to all of our passengers who are seated, may I wish you a Merry Xmas. and to all those standing up, a happy Hanukah. You have to have flown into Israel to get that joke.

My brother in law Mark has just flown into the U.K. from Perth in Australia where he lives. He has gone to see Diane’s & his mother who has just undergone back surgery. I can always tell when Mark reads this blog as he is the only person in Perth who does!!

Thank you Google analytics. I have over the past couple of months been thinking about creating signature dishes. There are, of course, lots of dishes that we are known for, but I really want to put a new twist on these. Over the next couple of months I will be posting these and inviting comments from you.

Here in Israel we enter an uncertain New Year. We have the worry about the maniac in Tehran. Not knowing how the newly liberated voters of Egypt will give the mandate to. Plus the worry of anything a second term President in America will demand of us. Uncertain times with many worries. I recently wrote to the BBC to ask exactly what their correspondent in Lebanon does. Not once has he reported on the 40,000 missiles that Hezbollah has pointed in our direction. Something bad about Israel, you can be sure that the beeb is on the case. 40,000 missiles? Sorry mate never heard of it.

Back to the script. I am still finalizing details for China and hopefully within the next couple of weeks there will be a new page on the website showing full details.

Last week we celebrated our eldest granddaughters 3rd birthday. Diane and I bought a self-assembly kitchen in Early Learning. Never again! 2 ½ hours it took me to put it together. Maya takes one look at it and is more interested in her birthday card.

Also wonderful news. Noa, our son Adam’s wife, is 3 months pregnant. More grandchildren ( P.G.) to coo over.





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